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Dr. Mark McOmie is a general dentist who has been in private practice since 1998. The practice is a fee for service practice that he started from scratch and focuses on Cosmetic and Implant dentistry.

Dr. McOmie is an expert in the area of dental materials. He has many publications on dental materials and techniques to use them. He has been published in Dental Product Shopper, Cosmetic Dentistry magazine, ADA Dental Product Guide, ADA News just to name a few. He is an active dental researcher for Gordon Christenen’s C. R. Foundation, evaluating over 400 materials to date. He is a featured speaker throughout the country. Frequently he advises and consults for several dental companies and dental laboratories.

Dr. McOmie did his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah and graduated from dental school at the University of Louisville. He is a Fellow in the American College of Dentistry, Fellow in the International College of Dentistry, and a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

“It is my goal that every participant will leave my course with practical knowledge of materials and techniques that can be implemented in their practice the next day”.

Dr. Mark McOmie

Course Descriptions

The latest Material for Higher Quality and Faster Dentistry

Materials and methods are constantly changing. There are thousands of dental products that come on the market each year, yet very few of those materials will still be on the market in 3 years. Many manufacturers are pushed to bring products to the market before they have been properly developed and researched. That leaves a huge burden on the private practitioner to navigate the marketplace to find what works best, while hopefully avoid things that don’t work. New crown and bridge materials are coming to market each year promising to be the next great material, and many fail almost immediately. Some U.S. labs are sending work overseas, sometimes without our knowledge. Being a CR evaluator, Dr. McOmie has evaluated hundreds of products, many before they go on the market. He has a private practice, he works full time and knows the demands of every dentist. Always striving for better ways to do procedures with better materials that can help us do higher quality, increase our speed and make us more profitable. A win-win for our patients and us.

With the change in crown materials in the last few years, there have been many changes to our cement as well. Yet, the #1 question Gordon Christensen’s C.R. Foundation fields right now is about cementing zirconia crowns. Where do scanners fit in? Have they dropped in price enough to make a cost effective replacement for PVS impressions? What about new retraction methods? See what is new with matrix bands and how they can make your day easier. Learn this and more about the latest materials from Dr. McOmie during his energetic course.

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