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We Are Adding Another Day For Veterans

In addition to November 14th, we are adding November 11th, due to such a Great Response

Due to the overwhelming demand, we have had to our original offering of free dental services to vets on Nov 14th. Our doctors and staff have decided to come in on an off day and do more. We are opening on Friday, Nov 11th for our vets. November 14th filled up in less than half a day. Our staff was amazed. We want to do more.

Free Fillings, Cleanings, and Extractions on November 14th

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Some frequently asked questions:

-Am I going to be charged for an exam?  No this is truly a free day. In fact, if you get your teeth cleaned you will get a free toothbrush as well.

-Is there a charge for x-rays? No, again this is a free day. All x-rays will be done at no charge on vets.

-What are you going to do once it fills up? Appointments are first come first serve we will do our best. When all appointments are full we will make a waiting list. If one opens we will call the waiting list people and fill it.

-Are you going to do this again? We would like to make this an annual event. This is our first time, we just came up with the idea. So it entirely depends on the success of this campaign.

-What if my filling is on a front tooth and it is cosmetic will they do this? Yes, cosmetic dentistry is important it can help everyone’s confidence. We will be doing cosmetics if needed and they can be done with a filling.

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