Cosmetic Dental Bridges


Bridges are used to replace teeth which are already missing or damaged beyond repair. They are attached to the teeth adjacent to the space using a dental crown, and hold a false tooth, called a pontic. Bridges are permanently attached to the surrounding teeth and are not removable like partial dentures. They last for many years and can be completed in as little as two office visits.They prevent other teeth from shifting and moving, while restoring chewing abilities by replacing the missing tooth.

Missing teeth not only make talking and chewing more difficult, but they can also cause other issues over time. Teeth next to the missing tooth can eventually move into the empty space, which can lead to gum disease  and affect your bite leading to TMD, a disorder in the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).


Dental bridges offer several benefits including:

  • Restoring your confident smile
  • Prevent existing teeth from moving or shifting out of alignment
  • Prevent existing teeth from further damage and decay
  • Allow you to speak and eat properly and without pain or discomfort
  • Maintain the correct shape of your jaw and face
  • Help avoid other issues caused by missing teeth

When you visit our office in Chattanooga, Dr. McOmie will begin by determining the type of bridge that is best for you. The traditional bridge is  made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics and attaches to the adjoining teeth with a crown or implant and a pontic in between.  Dr McOmie uses the most up to date materials.  The days of seeing a grey, ugly margin are over. With new zirconium sub-structures no one else need ever know you have a bridge. At McOmie Family Dentistry all restorative bridges are cosmetic!

Caring for Your Dental Bridge
By following proper oral hygiene and attention, your new bridge should last for many years. While bridges require a bit more care than natural teeth in order to prevent decay, the expert team at McOmie Family Dentistry will educate you on properly how to care for and clean your bridge.

Want to fix those embarrassing gaps in your smile? Contact us today to find out more about dental bridges and schedule an appointment.

Before Photo of badly done bridge by another dentist
Beautiful After photo of a new fixed bridge.

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