Dental Case Study: BruxZir Hybrid

Patient History

He came in because he had a front tooth that was chipped. The patient had a bridge that was over ten years old it was a very large bridge as you can see in the panoramic x-ray. The front tooth on the bridge chipped when he was eating. The initial exam revealed the bridge was loose, and the underlying reason was the teeth that are anchoring the bridge were extensively decayed. The decay was so extensive on some teeth that they were no longer holding on the bridge others had a slight attachment to the bridge. It was very clear there was no way to save the bridge or the teeth that supported the bridge. That meant the patient would no longer have front teeth on the top.

Dental Treatment Performed

We came up with several options for this case including but not limited to:

  • Full denture
  • Implant supported denture
  • Mini implant supported denture
  • Denture with implants and a hader bar
  • Implants with crown and bridge
  • Implant supported BruxZir hybrid

After much discussion with all options being explained the patient choose to have a dental implant supported BruxZir hybrid made. Dr McOmie removed the old bridge the removed the remnants of the teeth. At the same appointment, Dr McOmie placed implants where the teeth were. The patient wore a temporary home that day. In a couple of visits, they had the new BruxZir hybrid done. It was done in conjuction with Oral Arts Dental Laboratory in Huntsville, Alabama. Dr. McOmie will only place restorations that are made in the USA so he can make sure the material is what it is supposed to be and not an overseas knockoff that could have dangerous materials in it. He also likes the quality he gets from domestic restorations.

Final Results

The patient was very happy with his final result. It looks great and functions like natural teeth. His teeth are very strong, and they come with a long warranty so they should never break. A BruxZir hybrid is made from one solid block of zirconia so there is no chance of a tooth coming out or it cracking where two materials fuse together. The patient can eat normally, and the restoration stays in his mouth at all times, it is not removable by anyone other than a dentist.

Come see us and let us show you what can be done to meet your dental needs, there are always many options.


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