Dental Case Study: Veneers

Patient History

The single most talked about procedure in cosmetic dentistry is veneers. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that goes over the front surface of a tooth. This is a case where we used veneers to make a smile gorgeous. We have done hundreds of these cases, and we can show you many cosmetic dental procedures and let you see what can be done with a set of veneers.

In this instance, the patient had finished orthodontic treatment a few years earlier. She had some spots on her teeth that are white and some that are brown. There were spaces between the teeth that she didn’t find appealing. The teeth appeared to be short. Not because they actually are short, but because the gums are over the teeth further than needed. A minor periodontal surgery procedure was performed at the same time the veneers were prepared to make the teeth longer. This is such a minor procedure called a gingivectomy that pain medicine is not needed.

Final Results

After two weeks cosmetic dental veneers were back from fabrication at the lab. She loved them! They completed her beautiful smile. Dental veneers are done in Chattanooga every day by McOmie Family Dentistry.

veneers case study after
before veneers case study
veneer case study after
after veneer case study

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