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Dental Implants Patient Before and Afters

Dental implants before and after images are of a patient or patients who have undergone the same treatment with phenomenal results. The photos were taken before the procedure and after the procedure once the dental implant treatment has been completed.

Real Patients Cases

Please look through these fabulous dental implant patient cases to see how Dr. McOmie can help you reconstruct your smile.

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Case 13 – Dental Implants

After dealing with a lifetime of subpar work from other dentists, this patient came to Dr. McOmie looking for a solution, not wanting anything removable. With 6 implants supporting a zirconia hybrid, her beautiful smile was restored, and she could eat without pain for the first time in years.

Case 12 – Dental Implants

After suffering from multiple missing teeth, Dr. McOmie was able to place a new implant-supported upper partial using two implants and a new lower partial giving her a complete smile she absolutely loves.

Case 11 – Single Implant

A recent case Dr. McOmie completed on this young patient. A single dental implant was utilized to complete this patient smile restoration after losing a tooth due to an accidental collision with his friend while on lake Chickamauga.

Case 10 – Implants, Crowns and Veneers

She wanted to have her smile back and the ability to chew again. This was accomplished with a partial on the lower and crowns, veneers, and implants. Life-Changing results. We love what we do.

Case 9 – Implants and Veneers

Missing one lateral incisor and one was a retained baby tooth. This college-age young lady did implants and two veneers to make her smile look great. She is ready for college life!

Case 8 – Implant and crown restoration after river rafting accident

This young person was a river raft guide. On a trip down the river, the raft overturned, one of the t-handle paddles hit her in the mouth. The hit broke her front teeth, and she had them “fixed” but they were way too long and not the same color. One of the front teeth was lost when the trauma caused the root to erode away. This was replaced with an implant and a crown. Having the teeth the correct color with the correct length made all the difference in the world.

Case 7 – Implants restoration after car accident

This restoration is called a “zirconia hybrid”. It is both strong and beautiful.

Case 6 – Veneers and Implants

Case 5 – Permanent implant supported upper teeth

This restoration is called a “zirconia hybrid”. It is both strong and beautiful.

Case 4 – Implants and Clear Aligners

Case 3 – Implants and Veneers

Case 2

Case 1