Chattanooga Thanksgiving Traditions And Our Staffs Unusual Ones. Do You Have A Tradition?

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Chattanooga Thanksgiving

With the Veteran’s Day Free Dental project behind us it is time to start looking towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving traditions come in all sizes and shapes, we have friends who play a “Turkey Bowl”, a tackle football game on Thanksgiving morning each year. Family members play in this game and usually a few get hurt but they try to keep the injuries to minor flesh wounds. Some families have traditional food dishes that they like to eat or make to take to a dinner.

Here in Chattanooga they are are running races such as the Turkey Trot and The Grateful Gobbler. What about the Pie Run? Each year on Signal Mountain there is the Pie run where most of the runners win pie’s.  We have heard about families going to movies after they eat.  Getting more popular and more controversial is the early bird start to Black Friday, stores starting to open on Thanksgiving instead of Black Friday. We have friends who love to get the paper and run through all the adds then plot out a strategic course of action for Friday morning, in search of the best deals and getting the most they can. What about naps and watching the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions play.


We would love to hear about your Thanksgiving traditions and how you make them great! Our staff has some fun traditions that we thought we would share with you. Traditions can be fun and they can become a pain in the neck. Here are some of our favorite ones.

Allie- At my house we always put up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner. I have always done this. It is fun to watch the anxiety build in the kids about putting up the tree. They get so excited and we put it up together, it is good family time.

Ashley- This is kind of funny and seems a little strange.  Many years ago we started shooting guns in the backyard of my parents house. We live on some acreage and what was something we did once was so fun now we do it every year. Even family members that don’t like or care about shooting come out and shoot. Everyone is laughing and trying to get more bulls eyes.

Dr. Mark- It seems our traditions lately have been being less traditional. In the past few years we have gone to Universal and Disney on Thanksgiving. We have eaten Thanksgiving dinner with Tigger, Eyore, Piglet and Winnie the Poo from the 100 acre woods. That was fun.

Morgan- After we eat someone gets out the newspaper. We start searching for the best deals on things we want to buy on black Friday. Once we figure out what we want then we set up a strategy of how to get to which store in which order to have the best chance at the best things.

Kelley-  The thing that comes to mind is in the evening of Thanksgiving day watching movies. Not just any movie we turn on the Hallmark Channel and watch Christmas movies! It is really fun. I know they are sappy and predictable but they are nice and always have happy endings!

Scarlet- A makeup store I love has a big sale on Thanksgiving afternoon. I get really good deals and I have gone there for years.

Kristin- The day after Thanksgiving we like to go on a hike. The entire family goes, it is always fun sometimes cold but fun. I am not from Tennessee and we find the views and woods here beautiful. We even have a name for the hike it is called “The Burning Turkey Hike”. It is a good way to burn all those calories from the day before.

Emily- Thanksgiving is the best. My Dad fries a turkey the night before. Our whole family gets together and eats then we all go see a movie at a theater that night. I look forward to it every single year. For some reason it is something I never get tired of doing. Plus my Dad makes the best turkey ever.

Dr Ellen- Last year we ate Thanksgiving at Hogwarts at Universal Studios. That was really fun. I would say our Thanksgiving tradition is finding adventure. We have done random things but we always seem to have fun.




It seems everyone loves this time of year. A time to get together with family and friends and spend a little time just hanging out and talking. Hopefully everyone can put their phones down and share some time face to face with people that are important to them. Traditions are a big part of Thanksgiving as we can see above. What are your traditions? What do you love about this holiday. Leave us a comment in the comments section below.

Have a great Thanksgiving, don’t forget to brush. If we can be of service to you or your family give us a call McOmie Family Dentistry 423-899-1112.