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In March Dr. Mark McOmie went to Cologne, Germany to attend the IDS dental meeting. This is a meeting that is only held every other year instead of every year. It is where the world meets to learn about the latest in dentistry. Both of the dentists here at McOmie Family Dentistry routinely attend meetings in towns like Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, PhoenixLos Angeles, etc. This year we wanted to look into more of what was going on worldwide and make sure we are not missing a single thing that would benefit our patients. This is an opportunity to do something different and go above and beyond to make certain McOmie Family Dentistry is the best dentist in Chattanooga. Going to Germany would prove to be a great experience.

Dental Implant Products and Technology Were Well Represented

These are Zirconia dental implants. They are white in color because they are made of zirconia.

There were so many neat things to be seen and learn about. These dental implants are one of those things. Sometimes when an implant is done it can show through the gums, making the gums look a little dark. Most of the time this does not happen. When the gray dental implant shows through the gums it can be undesirable if it shows in a person’s smile. These zirconia dental implants aim to address this concern by having it white if it does show through it would only make the gums a little lighter not darker. This is a product that we don’t have in the United States. The reason is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  has not approved this product as safe for our country. The company that makes this is actively seeking FDA approval so it can be used in the USA.  So for now, we will watch what happens with these and if they are proven and approved by the FDA we will be ready.

Dental implant companies are very numerous. This is a German implant company which was a very popular booth at the meeting. They are the biggest implant company in Europe. We don’t have this company in the USA. (Yet).

Dental implants were everywhere at this dental meeting. This is a start of art dental meeting and it is forward-thinking. There were at least 200 dental implant companies. In the USA we have about ten different companies that offer implants and own the majority of the market share. There are more changes coming in dental implants. In the future, we will see dental implants done more often, more easily, and less expensive. This will be a good turn for dentistry and our patients with missing teeth. Dental implant innovations are coming daily that make them better with less hassle.

This is a system to help dentists place implants more accurately.

At this show, there were many things available to help make things easier on the patient and dentist. This system helps the surgical precision of placing a dental implant.  There is a camera that can detect the angle and depth of the implant being placed. It combines a CT scan and camera images and makes placing implants extremely accurate with minimal fuss.

There’s no way that will fit in a mouth! 🙂

Giant dental implants were everywhere.
Another huge implant model
Another implant system

Some of the new things at the dental show come from thinking very far outside the box. This is a picture of something way, way outside the box. This is a very interesting system. When a tooth is bad a CT scan is made of that tooth and bone. Then from the scan, a root form is milled to match the tooth exactly. Then when the tooth is removed the dentist puts this dental implant that was made to look like the tooth in the bone where the tooth came out. It should fit exactly. Up to this time in our history dental implants have always looked like a screw of some sort. This is the first attempt to make the dental implant look like the tooth root it replaces. In dentistry, we have always made the crown look like the tooth it replaces but this is the first time a root is made to look like the tooth root it replaces.  We aren’t sure about this product yet. Again this is thinking that is possibly forward but it could also fail terribly. At this time it does not have FDA approval but it is none the less interesting. We will keep our eye on this and see what happens. If nothing else it is interesting.

Dental implants were not the only thing at this meeting, although at times it seemed as if every booth was a dental implant. There were also many-dimensional printing machines, milling machines, etc. Everything that was new is digital technology that is meant to be incorporated with the dental scanner that we use instead of impression material. We have been some of the first dentists in the USA to employ a dental scanner to have our restorations made. It was reaffirmed we are on the right track with our technology choices as every system that is on the front of the technology wave hinges on the use of the intraoral dental scanner. McOmie Family Dentistry has used a scanner for years and it looks like scanner use is going to expand! We love the intraoral scanner and so do our patients so this is a win-win. The future is bright!

Worldwide Dental Representation

Every country you can think of had a pavilion including, the USA which had two pavilions, Korea, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, India, Russia, etc. It was very interesting to see the companies from these countries and what they had to offer. Sometimes it was something routine and simple other times it was a technology that is just emerging.

This is a picture of the Taiwan pavilion. Countries band together with their small companies and have pavilions.

Small companies from different countries band together to get booth space.
The USA pavilion

Yeah I don’t think these match my face!

Sometimes the findings were just weird. Like sunglasses made of teeth.

New Products Making Dentistry Better For Our Patients

Dr. Mark McOmie with his favorite bonding agent.

New products were everywhere. This picture of Dr. McOmie shows a new bonding agent in a super-sized bottle. The normal bottle is about 1.5 inches tall. This is a revolutionary bonding agent that is amazing and is going to change dentistry. The good part? We have been using this bonding agent since November! Dr. McOmie is up to date with his materials for sure. The bonding agent was one of the most talked-about things at the dental show. It will revolutionize the way we bond dental materials such as crowns, fillings, veneers etc.

The crowds were deep at times. This is a ceramist doing a demonstration using anterior zirconia to fabricate a beautiful crown.

A Pain-free Way To Numb Patients

A new way to get people numb without a needle!

How about getting numb without a shot! That sounds awesome, doesn’t it! This is a product from an Israeli company that turns the anesthetic into a mist and is passes through the gums to the nerve, putting the tooth to sleep.  This could be a revolutionary find. In order to use it at our Chattanooga dental practice, we need it to be FDA approved. They said they are working on getting FDA clearance and hope to have it sometime in the next year. So keep your fingers crossed NO MORE SHOTS!

Dr. McOmie Showing His Dental Scanner Expertise To The Crowd

Dr. Mark McOmie talks about the new 3 shape scanner from Trios

Dr. McOmie filmed a video about the best scanner on the market. McOmie Family Dentistry has had a 3 Shape Trios scanner for over 3 years now. The scanner has emerged from the crowd of scanners as the premiere scanner in dentistry. It is undisputed at this time. Dr. McOmie was invited to come to speak on the topics of scanners. We use our scanner in almost every procedure we sent to a laboratory and come to find out we are leading not only Chattanooga and Tennessee but the world in the way we use this technology. He was asked repeatedly to share his knowledge of this amazing technology. Not only is it easier for the patient but it is much more accurate. It helps to hold down the cost of dentistry as well. Turns out scanning saves money on costly dental materials allowing us to make dentistry more affordable and better. Better and more affordable rarely go together.

A new scanner company emerges at the IDS dental show.

This is another scanner from a new company. This one you won’t see in our office but thought it was interesting. It is a more affordable scanner for dentists just getting into digital dentistry. It was slower than our current scanner and not as accurate but it could be for some dentists looking for something less expensive.

Matt Winstead the Vice President of Oral Arts Dental Lab and Dr. Mark McOmie

At the 3 Shape Trios scanner booth. Dr. McOmie and Matt Winstead from Oral Arts Dental Lab in Huntsville, Alabama pose for a picture in front of a wall of scanners. Our partnership with Oral Arts Dental Lab was reaffirmed as innovative at this meeting. Our dental practice and their dental lab continue the commitment to digital dentistry and excellence overall.

Anton Woolfe the CEO of Argen, Matt Winstead or Oral Arts, Dr. Mark McOmie

Argen dental makes dental materials that our crowns, implant abutments are made of. They are a San Diego-based company that has the largest digital dental center in the world. They are committed to excellence.  We are happy to know them and see the innovations they bring to advanced dentistry.

Black toothpaste!

Black toothpaste looks strange for sure, but this German company claims that it uses activated carbon to whiten teeth. This is a big claim and when asked how the toothpaste whitens teeth they said they didn’t know. Another product without FDA clearance so we won’t have it in the USA anytime soon. You never know maybe we will see something similar in the US soon.

Dr. McOmie and Matt Winstead at the IDS in Cologne, Germany.

It wasn’t all work, Germany is beautiful

The food was great this is pasta that is put on a cheese wheel hot. Then spun around as the cheese melts on the pasta then served.

Our office is always perfecting the technology and procedures we have currently. We are on the lookout for the next thing that will improve the quality of our patients life making dentistry easier and better. We have your best interest on our minds at all time.  We love our patients. Give us a call McOmie Family Dentistry 423-899-1112. 

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