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Do Dental Fillings Last Forever?

YOU MAY BE SURPRISED TO LEARN that dental fillings don’t last forever! While they are extremely durable and can last years, there will come a time when they will have to be replaced.

We Check Your Dental Fillings At Your Regular Visits

You may be wondering, “If fillings don’t last a lifetime, then how long DO they last?” That depends on a number of factors, such as the type of procedure performed, the size or area being treated or replaced, the kind of materials used for the filling, and the patient’s level of oral hygiene and care.

At your six-month appointment, we will check your fillings and make sure they are still intact. We will look for early signs of wear and tear so we can replace a dental restoration before it breaks, loses its effectiveness, or falls out on its own. We also take x-rays to make sure there is no decay under or around a filling, which can cause it to come loose.

Dr. McOmie will make the decision of when a filling’s life span is up. Usually, they can just be replaced with a new filling sometimes it might require a crown. Dr. McOmie tries to keep things as small and not a big deal as possible for all patients.

Dental tooth filling

Here at McOmie Family Dentistry we only do tooth colored fillings!

So if your old silver filling needs to be replaced it will be done with a cosmetic dental white filling. These look much better and last as long as a silver filling. It is a win-win!!!

We’re Here For Your Dental Emergencies

Despite your best efforts, a filling may crack or fall out unexpectedly. This is unlikely to occur if you visit McOmie Family Dentistry regularly, however, accidents can happen. Over time, dental fillings can be weakened by:

  • Tooth decay
  • Frequent jaw clenching and teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Chewing on hard items or foods
  • Injury or trauma, such as those sustained during sports activities
  • Time; no filling lasts forever no matter how well kept

Although the following video discusses tooth loss, the same principles apply to a lost filling!

If you ever have a filling fall out just remember, don’t panic, and don’t wait. Even if it falls out after hours, call us immediately at 423-899-1112! We’re here for you in an emergency! We will get you in as quickly as we can. In the meantime, keep your filling if you can but don’t try to push it back into place. Make sure to keep the affected area clean and debris-free.

If you don’t experience any pain after losing a filling, it’s still important to come in as soon as possible to have it treated. Not seeking immediate care could result in pain, discomfort, and even tooth loss. If a filling falls out there is a hole in the tooth, over time this hole will end up getting decay.

Call Us Anytime, Day Or Night

Regular dental visits are imperative to maintaining a healthy smile. With that being said, we know not every dental emergency happens during normal business hours. That’s why we strive to make ourselves available to our patients as often as possible. If you need us, call us! Your health and comfort are our number one priority.

Thank you for reading our blog and supporting our practice! We love our great patients. Give us a call with questions or to make an appointment. McOmie Family Dentistry 423-899-1112

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