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What Sets Our Chattanooga Dental Practice Apart!

So What Makes Our Dental Practice Special?

There are probably good things that can be said about many practices in town. We want to share some of what is special about our Chattanooga dental practice. We think we have a unique and friendly low stress environment. We are confident we are one of the special dental offices not only in Chattanooga, TN, but in the country.

Trios dental crown scanner

Our Dental Tools and Equipment

Having awesome dental equipment allows us to do dentistry that is easier on our patients. Making procedures painless and faster is always a good thing. The state of the art things we have help us do the highest quality of work in less time.  We don’t want to make a laundry list of our awesome stuff because it will bore you and you will quit reading and click on the next thing.  We would like to share a couple of things that really help our patients and explain how they make it easier.

One thing is our digital scanner. To appreciate this we need to go back just a few years and remember getting impressions. If you had a crown done over 3 years ago you remember impressions that you had to hold a goo in your mouth for 3-9 minutes. Sometimes patients would gag, or drool, sometimes they would even get claustrophobic. This was just a part of life that you had to live through, it was one of those things that we all just had to deal with. Not anymore! With a digital scanner we can take a digital impression of your teeth in just seconds. The scanner tip is small and takes photographs of your teeth and stitches them together to make a 3 dimensional model. Once we have this virtual 3-D model we can make almost anything for your teeth.  Crowns, partials, dentures, bite guards about anything. The best part is it is more accurate and faster! We have a Trios scanner made by a company called Trios. It is the best scanner on the market. In fact we have two we just got our new wireless version with even a smaller tip for better patient comfort! Technology is amazing!

We said we wouldn’t bore you with all of our nerdy dental technology we will stop with this one, promise. The Isolite is a neat device that has a mouth prop and then a soft sheet that suctions and retracts your teeth and gums. It keeps all the messy water and things out of your mouth. It really makes your experience so much easier and will keep even the worst gagger at ease.  Such a neat device yet so simple. We wish we would have invented it.


Our Dental Team 

While we love our high tech equipment and we constantly get more neat things we would love to tell you about, the fact is anyone can buy some technology. Without the people it doesn’t matter how great your “stuff” is it takes the human touch to interact and use the technology. Our dental team is the best there is. We have a long term team here at McOmie Family Dentistry. Many of you know them by name and they know almost all of you by name. When you walk in the door you will be greeted by name. We will get you back promptly. Your time is as valuable as our time so we don’t want to waste even a second of your time. Our team has been together for years and years, we have grown and added a few over the years but our core people have been with us for a long time. We act as a family and treat you like our family.

Our team is highly trained and you can see it in the way they work. We have the best and latest equipment and we are experts at using it. Did you know every single person on our staff is either a dental assistant, dental hygienist or a dentist. Even the people at the front desk have been through dental assisting school. This gives you a dental expert at every turn, anyone on the staff can answer your questions about dental procedures and how they are done.

Our team is truly a group of dental experts that have been assembled here to assist you. If you want to get to know our team better, take a look at our dental team page.


Our Doctor

Our doctor Dr. Mark McOmie came to Chattanooga to set up a state of the art dental practice in a caring environment, and he has done just that. Dr. McOmie was in the top of his class at the prestigious University of Louisville School of Dentistry and did his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah then on to Louisville for dental school.

Allow us to brag on our doctor just a little bit. Dr. Mark McOmie has recently become a fellow in the Pierre Fuchard Academy, he is a fellow in the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists. All honors bestowed upon him by his colleagues. Dr. Mark is a member of the American Dental Association, Tennessee Dental Association, and the Chattanooga Area Dental Society. And is a member of the Tennessee Valley Dental Study Club. Dr. McOmie has more than double the amount of continuing education required by the State of Tennessee and has done so for almost 20 years.

All of the education and knowledge in the world can not take place of compassion for the people in which we serve. Our dentists care about every single person that comes in this office you will see one of them at every visit. They have a caring and loving manner that you can feel in the office, they truly want you to be your best. They have patients that are still in the practice that came in on day one and new patients everyday. A compassionate environment with the latest technology and a well trained staff is what is needed for excellence and at McOmie Family Dentistry this is exactly what we have.


Our Patients 

As much pride as we take in the care of people who come in our doors we know that we would be nothing without our awesome patients. The people that come to our office are a diverse group of people. We have always been humbled by the fact that many people travel across the country and even from other countries to come to our practice. It is always a great feeling to see a patient who has moved away return to Chattanooga to come see us. We love our patients, we love what we do, we are the best in our field let us show you how we do things differently.

If you have never been here before give us a call and make an appointment. McOmie Family Dentistry 423-899-1112.

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