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Famous People From Chattanooga, TN

No doubt Dr. Mark McOmie is well know in dentist circles throughout the world for his lectures and training about dental materials and technology, but Chattanooga, TN is home to tons of famous people, especially musicians. It’s like since The Glen Miller Orchestra won the first golden record in the music industry, Chattanooga took it as a sign of its musical prowess. The city has been home to a record-breaking artist since then. Here are a couple of musicians who call the River City home.


The R&B singer started his career in his church choir in Chattanooga, where he grew up. That perhaps explains his stage name, Usher. His talents were evident, and as his career took off, everyone knew Usher was going places. He is one of the most successful singers in modern times as well as being one of the most recognizable. Today, Usher has millions of fans across the world on top of having dozens of Billboard Number One hits. The singer also won the People’s Choice Awards, a few Grammy Awards, and tons of other accolades. He likes to visit his childhood city often so you might run into him on your visit to Chattanooga for one of our annual events.

Lauren Alaina

Another musical talent to come out of Chattanooga is Lauren Alaina, although she grew up in Rossville. Alaina, nonetheless, owes her musical career to Chattanooga. She was a regular at the Riverbend Festival where she wowed the crowd with her vocal prowess until her 12th birthday. Alaina would then try out for the 10th season of American Idol. During her audition, Steven Tyler was quoted saying that the competition found the winner. Alaina would go all the way to the finals where she came out as a runner-up. After American Idol, Alaina released two albums that won her the admiration of millions of fans.

The Impressions

Music talent isn’t a recent phenomenon in Chattanooga. The city has been home to famous musicians for decades. The Impressions might be one of the founding bands for musical talent in the city. They started as The Roosters back when Fred Cash and Sam Gooden, both natives of Chattanooga, met. They were regulars at the Big 9, but they moved on to Chicago where they formed The Impressions. Throughout their career, the band managed several Billboard Top Ten hits, a feat that saw a section of Interstate 24 in Chattanooga named after the group.

Roger Alan Wade

Another famous musician from Chattanooga, Wade is known for having penned songs for Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Waylon Jennings. The songwriter enjoyed an illustrious career and currently hosts a daily show on Sirius XM Radio.