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Things To Do In Chattanooga, TN

The River City stakes a claim on having the fastest internet service in the western hemisphere. While there’s some truth to that statement (IBP, an ISP owned by the Chattanooga government, offers residents connections that go up to 10Gpbs), that doesn’t mean to have fun you need an internet connection. There are tons of things to do in Chatt – almost all of them are outdoor activities. Put your laptops back in the bag and check out these fun-filled activities.

Visiting The Chattanooga Zoo

There’s nothing like starting the day by connecting to nature, is there? The Chattanooga Zoo, known as the Best Little Zoo does its best to let visitors connect with the wildlife. Instead of peering at animals behind glass plates, you get to walk among the more than 200 majestic animal species at the zoo. And before you ask, no, they won’t let you into the lion habitat. But you do get to pet a few animals without getting hustled along by a crowd. Chattanooga Zoo is also one of the most affordable zoos in the country. Adults pay $10 each for a ticket, and kids only have to pay $7. When visiting Chattanooga with the family, make a point of starting your River City adventure at the zoo.

Go On A River Road

It’s hard to visit Chattanooga and not charter a yacht or rent a party boat. After all, you’re in River City! The Tennessee River Gorge gives the city its character and whether you pedal across it, raft downstream, or power through the water on a speed boat, you’re in for the time of your life. The river is one of the biggest city attractions, and it tends to get crowded, especially during the summer. Make a point of getting there early on for a chance to enjoy all the scenery free from crowds of tourists.

Touring The City

After you’ve toured the river, why not cap what is already a fun-filled day with a tour of Chattanooga city? You get professional tours around the city as part of a group or a private experience with a local guide. Either way, you get to walk or drive around the town checking out some of its more famous spots like the Jack Daniels distillery or hiking through the Audubon Acres.  While you are soaking up the history of Chattanooga You can even get on the Segway and zip around town. Just make sure your tour guide knows you want to make the most out of your tour. You could even swing by McOmie Family Dentistry for a quick checkup from a famous person!