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How To Make Flossing A Priority For Your Child

Is flossing part of your child’s oral hygiene routine?

Daily flossing is just as important for a child’s dental health as it is for an adult’s. As parents, you play a major role in helping your children learn to floss correctly and understand its importance from a young age.

Of course, everything we say in this post also applies to adults! Flossing is important doing it some is better than doing it none!

Remember, Baby Teeth Matter

Flossing should begin as soon as your child has two teeth that touch. By starting regular flossing early, your child will get used to the daily task and will be more likely to incorporate it into their own oral healthcare routine later in life. As flossing requires a certain amount of manual dexterity, children will need parents’ help and supervision until about age 10 or 11.

Unfortunately, because baby teeth eventually fall out, many parents underestimate their importance and may neglect to floss. Even though they are temporary, baby teeth are essential to a child’s growth and development. They aid in chewing, promote proper speech development, and reserve a space for permanent teeth to grow in. Daily flossing will keep your child’s smile healthy and protect it from tooth decay!

Choose The Right Floss For Your Child’s Smile

Every smile is unique and may require different types of care. At McOmie family dentistry we have all kinds of different floss, picks, brushes to aid you in taking care of your child’s teeth. WE can help you pick the right product for the job. Learning what floss can benefit your child’s specific needs can make flossing their teeth easier and more effective.

Here are different kinds of floss and how they may work best for your child:

  • Waxed floss: If your child’s teeth fit tightly together or are more crowded, waxed floss is for you. It is generally thinner and easier to glide between tighter-fitting teeth.
  • Dental tape: This is a wider, flatter type of floss that is designed to be gentle on exposed gums. If your child has gaps in their teeth, we recommend using dental tape.
  • Ultra Floss: Some children have varied spacing between their teeth. Ultra floss is wide enough to comfortably clean between gaps but can also stretch thin enough to clean between teeth that are close together.
  • Floss threader: Orthodontic appliances such as braces can make flossing extra difficult. The floss threader is designed to get into the nooks and crannies between teeth and around braces.
  • Pre-threaded Floss Pick: Many parents report that floss picks are easier to use on their children because of the convenient handle. They often come in different colors and can be fun for a child to pick out for themselves and be more involved.
  • Platypus flossers: These are amazing for braces! It can take over 10 minutes to floss teeth with braces on them. Lets be real, no 13 year old boy is going to do this. The Platypus floss threaders make doing this simple. The trick is they allow flossing behind the wire. This means you don’t have to thread anything it makes it as easy as flossing with a floss pick. They are sold at Chattanooga area drug stores. If you can’t find them stop by our office for a sample and we will help you locate them online or in a local store. Plus it is fun to say Platypus Flosser!

No matter which floss you choose, the most important thing is to floss your child’s teeth on a daily basis! Call us or come into our office to discuss which type of floss may be best for your child. We will teach you how to floss your child’s teeth correctly as well as provide tips to make it easier.

A Lifetime Of Good Oral Hygiene Starts Early

When you don’t floss your child’s teeth, you miss cleaning 35 percent of tooth surfaces in their mouth. Flossing completes brushing by cleaning the hard-to-reach spaces between teeth that a toothbrush can’t. Hamilton County schools here in Chattanooga reports that teeth problems are the #1 reason kids miss school!  By brushing and flossing your child’s teeth on a daily basis, you ensure that their smile stays cavity-free and help put them on the path of good oral hygiene for a lifetime! 

We love caring for you and your child’s smile! Give us a call to schedule a check up today! Our hygienists will go over flossing with your child and even give them aids to make flossing easier. We are here to help and support you as parents. McOmie Family Dentistry 423-899-1112

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