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In this installment of “Good To Meet You” we will introduce you to Misty!  Misty is a registered dental assistant this means she is one of the people that works with Dr. Mark and Dr. Ellen when they are working on your teeth. Being an assistant is a big job and comes with a ton of responsibility. Some of the things that come along with having a dental assisting license are responsibilities like, making temporary crowns, taking radiographs (x-rays), passing instruments during procedures just to name a few.  Misty has worked here at McOmie Family Dentistry for about 8 years now. She is an integral part of our dental team.

Scarlet, Misty, and Allie dressed up for Halloween.


A Little About Misty

Misty claims she is from Ringgold, Georgia. Although she admits she lived in Chattanooga off Bonny Oaks Drive most of her childhood. She says she has family from the Trenton, Georgia area on her dad’s side. But she currently resides in Ringgold with her two kids. She grew up a Alabama fan but when she was in high school she shifted to the Georgia Bulldogs instead. After the last few years of football she probably should have stayed with Alabama.  She has two siblings a brother and a sister. She is very close with her parents to this day and talks to them everyday. She has two kids a boy and a girl who attend school at Heritage High School in Ringgold, Georgia.

Misty loves taking funny “selfies”

Education and Getting Her Dental Assisting Degree

Growing up living in Chattanooga she attended local schools here. She grew up within a few miles of our dental office oddly enough. She moved schools several times and attended all 4 years of high school and graduating from Ringgold High School. After high school her life moved on and she had two kids.  She stayed home with them and once they were both in school she went back to school. She attended Chattanooga State Community College and got her Dental Assisting Degree. She graduated and worked some temporary jobs before getting hired on in a permanent full time position at McOmie Family Dentistry.

Misty and her co-workers


Fun Facts About Misty

  • Doesn’t have a Facebook account but loves to Snap Chat.
  • Once when she was younger she went on a 3 week trip. They traveled to the western part of the United States. They saw the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam. She says she was young and didn’t pay as good of attention as she wished she would have.
  • Favorite place to go is the beach.
  • My guilty pleasure is going to the tanning bed. I know I shouldn’t because it is bad for your skin. But I love the warmth and relaxation of it.
  • Her pet peeve is dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Loves going to the jump park. Trampolines are super fun. I love dunking the basketball at super fly.
  • One of her favorite hobbies is riding 4 wheelers off road. Each of her family members has their own 4 wheeler and they go riding as a family.

Outdoor fun with her family

  • She loves going off roading with her dad in his truck.
  • No pets! She says she doesn’t have anything against animals but just doesn’t want them inside her house.
  • Camping and fishing are two of her favorite things to do.
  • I can water ski a slalom course at 32 mph 50 feet off the boat.
  • Waited to get braces until she was an adult. She was in her 30’s and wore them for about 2 years.
  • I love watching college football. I am a big time Dawg fan.
  • When she is off work she likes to go swimming. More like lounging around in the pool on a hot summers day.

Misty and Savannah both dental assistants.


What Do You Like About Dental Assisting? 

“I love the before and after results! Watching people get their smile back is an amazing experience. Man, woman or child when a person gets their smile back almost without exception there are tears of joy shed. It is an amazing experience! To get to be part of such a great thing on a regular basis makes you happy. We really are helping people, helping them better their lives and be happy with who they are. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? It is so fun.

I love dental implants they are amazing. Being at an office that does the surgical placement of the dental implant and then restores it with the crown is great. Seeing the entire process from surgery to the cosmetic tooth being done is awesome.

If I had to pick just one thing it would have to be the big full mouth cases that we do here at McOmie Family Dentistry. These cases are truly life changing. They are big comprehensive cases that involve every aspect of dentistry and to watch it all come together to make a persons smile amazing is awesome! We work hard and deliver the highest quality work and to see it appreciated by a patient and change their life. That is what motivates me each day to do my best!”

What Made You Want To Be A Dental Assistant?

“I have always thought teeth were interesting. As a child going to the dentist I was never scared or anything I was fascinated. I thought everything they were doing was cool. I wanted to know what they were doing and why. I always thought it would be a neat place to work. So I decided to go to school for it and loved it from day one. I am glad I did because I love my job. ”

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do When Not At Work?

“Hanging out with my kids at our house. I like having their friends over and knowing them. I like goofing around with all of them. ”

Misty and her kids.


What Do You Like About Working At McOmie Family Dentistry?

“We have amazing doctors! Dr. Mark and Dr. Ellen are great to work for they lead their profession. I love my co-workers, many people say they have a work family but we really do. The people I work with I am very close with, really like family I love them. Our office works like a team in every way we always help each other out. If someone is getting behind we are there for them, it is nice to know someone has your back. At our dental office we have the best technology. We have the latest and best equipment allowing us to do advanced procedures in a smooth and efficient way. We do testing on equipment and participate in research studies. It keeps my mind sharp to keep up with all of this stuff. Our patients benefit greatly from all of the advances. It is fun to be part of something awesome that you know is out of the ordinary dental experience.”

When You Started Dental Assisting What is something Funny That Happened?

“That is a hard one, I don’t want to say to much people reading this will think I am crazy. I remember being in a room and Dr. Mark was doing a root canal and I said “So are you taking the roots off the tooth right now?”. In school we were taught lots of things but I really never learned that a root canal is a process where they clean in inside of the roots of infection then fill the space. That was embarrassing now that I know so much about dentistry it is funny to look back on. Another time we were adding a tooth to a partial. I asked if we needed to keep the partial to add the tooth to it or could the patient take the partial home with them. Of course we need the partial to add the tooth to it. My co-workers still tease me about that!”

Is There A Fun Story About A Co-worker You Would Like To Tell? 

” I could tell you funny things all day long about my co-workers. We have a great time and I think you can sense it when you come in here as a patient. There is one that stands out. One day we had a summer extern working with us. She was great and I enjoyed knowing her. Dr. Mark wanted to let her watch some chairside procedures before her time was up. We were doing a procedure where we take the tooth out and surgically placing the implant in the same visit. We were about half way through removing the tooth and I looked over and the summer extern was starring off into space. I asked if she was okay and she started wobbling like a cartoon character. Dr. Mark and I ended up catching her as she passed out. She turned out to be fine, she was embarrassed and now it is funny to kid her about.”

We love having Misty as part of our team! She is fun to be around and is always smiling. She has a great knowledge of dentistry and brings compassion to her patients. 

Next time you are in our office say hello to Misty let her know you read the blog post about her.  We appreciate the trust you place in us. Give us a call 423-899-1112


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