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Modern crafted custom full and partial dentures that are comfortable and look natural.
Affordable Denture Teeth Replacement Options

Dentures Can Renew Your Smile and Your Confidence

Dentures are one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth and are an affordable and comfortable teeth replacement option for many patients. Whether you need to replace just a few teeth or you are looking for a full mouth denture replacement, Dr. McOmie can work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs and budget. Dentures can restore your natural-looking smile, improve your confidence, and help you to eat and speak more comfortably. If you are considering affordable dentures in Chattanooga, TN, to replace your missing teeth, please call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. McOmie. He will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you to decide if dentures are the right choice for you.

What are Dentures?

Whether you need full dentures, partial dentures, or implant dentures, they are typically removable dental appliances custom-made to resemble your natural teeth and fit your jawline and rest on your gum tissue. Traditional dentures are a great option for many adults and seniors who want to regain their smile but cannot afford or don’t qualify for dental implants.

Dentures are typically made of acrylic resin, a strong yet lightweight material. Although depending on the type of denture you are getting, they may include nylon, porcelain, resin, or metal. For instance, partial dentures often use metal clips and an acrylic framework. They consist of two main parts: the base, which is shaped to fit over your gums, and the artificial false teeth made of resin or porcelain, which are attached to the base.

How Are Dentures Made?

Dentures are made by first taking impressions of your mouth and creating a plaster model of your teeth. Then, our world-class dental lab uses the model to craft replacement teeth attached to a gum colored base so the new customized dentures will look great, fit snugly over your gums and easily insert into your mouth.

Are Dentures Comfortable?

Dentures are typically held in place with suction or denture adhesive and can be removed for cleaning. Dentures may feel awkward initially, but most people adjust to them over time. However, cleaning dentures daily and brushing your gums, tongue, and palate is important to keep them healthy.

How Long Do They Last?

Dentures are very durable and can often last several years, but they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced every 5-7 years. However, dentures can provide many years of service with proper care and regular maintenance. At McOmie Dentistry, we understand that losing teeth can be a difficult and emotionally charged experience. We are here to help you navigate this new phase in your life and provide you with the best care. Whether you are considering partial or complete dentures, we will work with you to find the most appropriate solution for your situation.

Types of Denture Teeth Replacement Options

Immediate Denture

If you have damaged teeth and you’re thinking about getting dentures for the first time, you may wonder about your options. One type of denture is an immediate denture. Immediate dentures are full dentures you get from the dentist at the first appointment when your remaining natural teeth are removed. These are often temporary dentures that you’ll wear to cover up your missing teeth and allow you to eat and smile until your new denture replacement teeth are completed. The advantage of an immediate denture is that you won’t have to go without teeth while you wait for your final denture. The downside is that they may not fit as well as permanent dentures or dental implants and may need to be replaced sooner.

Partial Dentures

You’ll need partial dentures if you’re missing some of your teeth but have several remaining healthy teeth. There are two kinds of partial dentures: removable and fixed. A removable partial denture has clasps that clip onto the surrounding teeth. They’re not as secure as a fixed bridge, but they’re easier to take out and clean. A fixed bridge partial denture is connected more permanently to the teeth on either side of the gap. It’s more secure, but it can only be removed by a dentist. When choosing between a removable or fixed partial denture, our dentist will help you decide which one is right for you based on your individual needs, the health of your mouth, and the number of teeth remaining.
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Complete or Full Dentures

Full dentures are dental prostheses that replace all of your teeth on both the top and bottom of your mouth. This type of full denture will rest on your gums because there won’t be any natural teeth to anchor them. These complete dentures will replace all the teeth or a temporary denture, usually two or three months after receiving the immediate dentures.

Complete dentures are removable and should be removed and cleaned every night using a soft toothbrush to clean the prosthetic teeth. It is important to note that although full dentures can greatly improve the function and appearance of your smile, a full denture solution may require some adjustment period in order to get used to eating and speaking with them.

complete denture model for patient

Before discussing implant-supported denture options, let’s talk about why you may not want traditional full dentures or other common, less effective denture solutions.

What Are The Drawbacks of Traditional Dentures?

Removable dentures can be a great option for those who are missing most or all of their teeth. Unfortunately, traditional dentures often have several drawbacks. Ill-fitting dentures can cause soreness or abrasions in your mouth. They can also slip at inconvenient times, leading to embarrassing moments and causing you to limit your diet. Finally, some dentures appear artificial and are not aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most significant disadvantages of complete dentures is their diminished ability to chew due to poor stability and retention. Most patients report that wearing a lower denture is much more limiting and problematic than wearing an upper denture. A lower denture’s instability can be attributed to the tongue’s natural movement, which dislodges the denture during chewing and speaking. In addition, complete dentures rely on suction to stay in place, which can be lost if the denture isn’t fitted properly or the wearer has a dry mouth. As a result, denture wearers often have to avoid certain foods or learn to chew slowly and carefully to avoid embarrassing situations.

Bone loss is a common side effect of wearing dentures, especially in the first few years of use. This is because dentures are designed to rest on gum tissue rather than directly stimulate the jawbone as natural tooth roots or implant supported dentures do. As a result, the jawbone slowly begins to shrink and lose density. This process can lead to a significant loss of bone mass, and it can be difficult to reverse the effects once they have started.

Implant Supported Dentures Are a Better Alternative to Regular Dentures

Traditional dentures have a number of disadvantages which can make them uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear. Implant-supported dentures are one of the best tooth replacement options and offer a more stable and comfortable solution. Because they are fastened to dental implants, they do not slip around or need adhesives. In addition, dental implants evenly distribute chewing force and help prevent bone loss. As a result, implant-supported dentures provide many long-term benefits. In addition, they are a more comfortable option for those who need full tooth extractions of their remaining teeth and replacement teeth dentures near Chattanooga, TN.

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Are Dentures Right For You?

At our affordable dentures office in Chattanooga, we understand that deciding to get dentures is a big decision. So during your consultation, we’ll look at your teeth and overall oral health and discuss your unique situation. We’ll also answer any questions you have about dental care and dentures. We want you to feel confident in your decision, and we’re always here to help. So call our dental office at (423) 225-9892 to schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting you!
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