Tooth Colored Fillings


We use bio-compatible materials for our fillings and we don’t offer silver fillings. We haven’t done a silver filling since 1998. We use materials that help stimulate the tooth to make natural dentin to aid in keeping it healthy. Your oral and systemic health is our priority.

What are composite fillings?
Composite fillings are made of a combination of resins and plastic materials which are mixed to color match and blend in with your natural tooth. They are  stronger compared to a silver filling due to increased adhesion to the original tooth which distributes chewing forces across a larger amount of the tooth structure and is less likely to crack.

The filling process:

  1. The tooth is prepared
  2. The material is layered
  3. Each layer is set with a special light
  4. Once the fillings are complete, it is shaped and polished to feel comfortable

Should I replace my old silver fillings?
In our practice, we have seen a lot of problems that occur beneath these old silver amalgam fillings. Usually, these problems are not easily seen from the surface of the tooth or with X-Rays and is primarily caused by decay getting below the fillings and cracks in the teeth.

We know from research that silver fillings don’t actually strengthen teeth at all. So a silver filling in a tooth basically acts like a wedge, and when you bite down on the filling the forces are transferred to the surrounding tooth structure. If the filling is close to half of the tooth there is a real chance that the tooth will crack or break.

tooth colored fillings

Call us today to replace your old silver fillings with better tooth colored fillings!

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