Scarlet The Head of Our Dental Hygiene Department

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Meet The Head of Our Dental Hygiene Department Scarlet

For those of you that have been around for a while, you know when you visit McOmie Family Dentistry you will probably see Scarlet. Scarlet is one of the core employees.  She runs our hygiene department and does a fantastic job. She has been the head hygienist for about 7 years now. We would like our patients to get to know her a little better, so we are going to highlight her today in this post. Be on the lookout for future posts about the rest of our dental team.

To many of you this is what Scarlet looks like most of the time when you see her.  In fact if you haven’t see this view in the last 6 months it is time to give us a call at 899-1112. 

A few facts about Scarlet:

She is originally from Memphis, TN but she says she really grew up in Scottsboro, Alabama. She currently lives here in Chattanooga and has put down deep roots. She says “Chattanooga is home to me now. We have put down roots here and I never intend on moving out of town.” She is married; she and her husband are allowed to live in their 4 cats’ home. Anyone with cats knows they own the house and allow you to live there. She has 4 sisters, one followed Scarlet’s lead and became a dental hygienist.

dentist hygiene

Scarlet and her husband Jordan.

A few fun facts about Scarlet that most people don’t know.

  • She has a special permit to have her windows tinted beyond the legal limit. To get this you have to have a letter from your dermatologist saying that you are at an increased risk for skin cancer.
  • One of her hobbies is going to comic book conventions. Sometimes she even dresses up as a comic book character.
  • When she was a child, she showed horses in the country pleasure division.
  • She loves collecting comic book art. She really likes signed prints and occasionally she is able to obtain signed originals.
  • She started at McOmie Family Dentistry right out of hygiene school in 2008.
  • A true animal lover, she has had about every pet you can think of. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, hedge hog, flying squirrel, sugar glider, hamster, gerbil.  I am sure there are many others that she just won’t tell us about. She has a real soft spot in her heart for animals of all kinds.
  • In another life she was a veterinarian technician. She is the “go to” around here when we have a question about our pets. Her father is a veterinarian.

Scarlet and one of her heroes, Jack Hannah.

dental cat-w800-h600

One of Scarlet’s cats. This cat’s name is Poo Bear. These cats have a better life than most people.

dental implant cat

This is Scarlet’s husband’s cat. The cat’s name is Potato Salad!

What do you like about dental hygiene? 

“I love seeing the before and after results! It is very rewarding to have a patient get to see the results from the services I perform. When someone goes from an unhealthy mouth to a healthy mouth their entire health improves. I love this part of my job, it is making a difference in people’s lives.”

What do you love about working at McOmie Family Dentistry?

“I look forward to coming to work everyday, I love the people I work with. Everyone is so committed to excellence that you know you are part of a great team, and we are doing great things. Going home at the end of each day knowing we did it right. I also love seeing the patients that I have known for years and years each day.  It is fun keeping up with them and their lives. I also love watching our young patients grow up.”

What about your job is unique?

“Dr. McOmie is a product evaluator for the non-profit CR Foundation. CR Foundation evaluates dental products independently of the manufacturers and provides feedback to the dental profession. What this means for me? NEW TOYS! I get to evaluate products often times before they come on the market. So I almost always have something like a handpiece, gloves, dental masks, instruments that are new to the market. I get to use them and let the dental profession know if they are good or not.  Recently we evaluated a tongue scraper and a oral cancer detection system. I love knowing I am on the leading edge of the dental profession”

Anything else about your job you want to say?

“I love my profession and I love my career. I work with the latest technology in the industry.  It makes it fun and keeps things interesting to be on the cutting edge of dentistry.”


Truth is we would be lost without Scarlet. She is a beautiful person on the inside and out. Dr. Mark and Dr. Ellen consider her part of their family; she is a huge part of the office. She has a kind, loving and caring attitude towards her patients. She is a wonderful person. Next time you are here be sure and tell her hello.  

Give our office a call and book an appointment with Scarlet to have your teeth cleaned.  423-899-1112.