We Love Summer! Do You?

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Summer time is upon us. All of the schools in Chattanooga and North Georgia are out by now and the kids staying home. What does this mean for your family? Beach? Vacation Bible School? Trip to Gatlinburg? Hanging out on Lake Chickamauga? The pool? Whatever you love we know you are looking forward to doing it this summer. Our office is packed full of people who love summer and love the fun it brings to their families. We want to share some of the things we love about summer with you!

Kristin   “I love going hiking! I just love getting outside enjoying the fresh air. Hiking really gives you some quite time to just think and enjoy the beauty that nature supplies us. I wish I had more time to hike. I think it is a great family activity and is something that doesn’t cost a bunch of money while making wonderful memories.”

Kristen Hygienist Chattanooga TN

Kristin at the top of Mount Timpanogous in Utah.


Kristin found these petroglyphs while hiking.

Hiking in a sub alpine forest yes that is snow.



Allie  “To me summer means warm. I love the warmth of summer and the long days it brings. I love taking my kids to a water park and spending the whole day wet and in the sun. You leave so tired but so happy. It is something my family looks forward to all year long. The beach is also a favorite it is so fun just playing on the sand and getting in the water, really this is not unique, I mean who doesn’t love going to the beach. I am just happy summer is here I am ready.”

Having a great time at the beach.

Waterpark fun in the sun!



“Grilling out has to be one of the best things about summer. It is so fun to get together with family and friends let the kids run around barefoot in the grass and having some time to catch up with those close to you. I have some favorite recipes for cookouts that I love to make. Watching our son learn new skills like baseball, and different tricks he can do in the yard is always entertaining. The food like fresh corn, peaches and strawberries that comes with summer is something my family looks forward to each year.”

Morgan’s son catches a crawly creature in the yard.

Learning to hit a T-ball.


All American cookout with pony rides.


Scarlet   “Mowing the lawn with my zero turn radius lawnmower is my favorite thing about summer. No really I love it! I even mow my neighbors yard!!! It is like driving a go cart around your yard but it counts as work. There is more to summer then mowing my lawn. I love doing other things like comic book conventions, going to CFC games, outdoor concerts. I enjoy hanging out with my husband and our friends just taking it easy as well. It is only the summer time when you can have people come over and hang out and just talk, maybe because it is light so long you don’t feel as pushed to eat and rush on to the next thing.”

A CFC game at sunset.

Comic convention.

Comic convention.


Summer concerts are fun sitting on the grass.

Savannah  “When  I think of summer I think of swimming to me the two are almost synonyms. My daughter who is 4 just really became a fish, it has made pool time that much more fun to watch her learn and progress in swimming. I love spending a Saturday hanging out at the pool with my family and friends. Usually that includes eating some fresh corn and grilling as well. I also used to work for a river guide company on the Ocoee River. I love going rafting, tubing and kyaking on the Hiwassee and Ocoee Rivers.”

Emily   “Summer is such a great time of year. I love everything about it, so picking a favorite thing is really hard. I guess if I had to pick one thing it would be, “lake days”.  There is not much better then going to the lake and hanging out.”

Emily and her son in the pool.

Boating in Chattanooga.

Safety first.

Chattanooga Lookouts.


Ashley    ” You can tell from my profile on the blog earlier this year that I am a water girl. I love going to the lake and spending the day. BBQ’s at the lake are about my favorite thing that I can think of doing. This is really what makes me love summer so much! The lake good food, good friends, warm weather, sun makes a happy girl.”

Ashley and a thousand of her closest friends hanging out on the lake.


Dr Ellen    “I really like summer because everyone is happy and doing fun things. I like spending time with our daughter and doing things as a family. I like to go out on the lake and wake surf or go tubing. I love paddle boarding and swimming as well. Watching our daughter do things is so fun, I have really enjoyed having her friends come over and hang out.”

Dr. Ellen surfing.

Paddle boarding.


Sunsets are amazing in the summer.


Dr. Mark   “June is my favorite month of the year! It has long days that are warm giving more time to play. The 4th of July is my second favorite holiday only second to Christmas. I love boating, cycling and anything to do with the water when it is hot. I really like driving our boat pulling kids on tubes and going wake surfing. Sunsets during the summer months seem to be amazing I love catching a good sunset.”

Sunsets on lake.

Sunsets on lake Chickamauga.

Dr. Mark taking some air while wake surfing.

Dr Ellen, Dr Mark and their daughter at the beach.


Check this video of Dr. Mark and his friends surfing in Chickamauga!


We have shared some of our favorite things to do in the summer, so what are your favorite summer activities? Do you love water? The beach? Traveling to some foreign or exotic location? We want to hear all about it. What about amusement parks taking in a day at Lake Winnie or heading down to White Water water park. Let us know in the comments on this post or on our Facebook page we would love to see your vacation photos as well. Fun is a good thing to share it brings a smile to everyone’s face, after all we are in the smile business. 

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