Professional Teeth Whitening Service Chattanooga TN


It’s important to discuss it with your Dentist before whitening your teeth. It can cause adverse and unwanted effects If you have sensitive or discolored teeth, decay, white spots, infected gums, crowns or bridges especially affecting front teeth.

With good oral hygiene, teeth whitening can last anywhere from 3-12 months, depending on the kind of procedure used and the types of food and drinks you consume to avoid stained teeth like soda, coffee, tea, and blueberries.

Although there are lots of over-the-counter whitening products that claim to whiten or bleach the teeth, Our in-office teeth whitening offers many advantages, including:
  • Professional-grade bleaching agents that can remove even the most difficult stains
  • Significant results with a single one-hour procedure
  • Resistance against future stains and discoloration
  • Long-lasting results

Teeth whitening enhances the overall brightness of natural teeth

At McOmie Family Dentistry located in Chattanooga, TN we provide our patients with a rapid and highly effective tooth whitening treatment that leaves you with a beautifully brilliant smile. You can choose either an in-office dentist-supervised treatment or one of our professional take-home whitening kits.

Teeth can naturally discolor or stained over time by certain foods and beverages, tobacco products, or merely natural aging. Brightening the shade of your teeth can be one of the fastest ways to significantly improve the appearance of your smile and boost your confidence.


before teeth whitening


after professional teeth whitening

We use only the best in-office and take-home whitening systems available.

Opalescence take-home whitening gel gives you professional whitening results in the comfort of your home—day or night! This is the most widely used whitening system worldwide and is the gold standard of whitening. We have several strengths of whitening gel to fit most any patient, and we even have the in-office Boost system.

GLO Science Professional teeth whitening products are the highest concentrations, applied by professionals, and produces the most dramatic results in just 32 minutes.

Your Teeth Whitening Options

  • One Hour Bright White Smile

    Our in-office teeth whitening procedure performed by our highly trained staff offers you a fast, convenient smile transformation in a one hour visit.

  • Take Home Whitening Kits

    Professional take-home whitening trays made to fit your teeth. Seven to ten days at home wearing your trays for about thirty minutes each day.


You get our professional In office teeth whitening and take home Opalescence whitening trays (normally $700).


You get our professional In office teeth whitening and take home GLO Brilliant whitening kit (normally $1000).

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