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Resin Bonding Patient Before and Afters

Resin tooth bonding before and after images are of a patient or patients who have undergone the same treatment with phenomenal results. The photos were taken before the procedure and after the procedure once the veneer treatment has been completed.

Real Patients Cases

Please look through these fabulous resin bonding patient cases to see how Dr. McOmie can help you reconstruct your smile.

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Case 12

Tooth bonding to close the gap between her teeth and give her a beautiful smile she loves.

Case 11

When she was a child she broke her front teeth in an accident. She had bonding done and after some time it broke. Dr. McOmie re-did her bonding. How long does bonding last? Usually 3-5 years sometimes more sometimes less. Veneers and crowns last decades.

Case 10

Coupling fillings bonding and crowns together to restore the health to a smile. In this solution there are three crowns all the other teeth were just filled or bonded.

Case 9

Case 8

Case 7

Case 6

Case 5

Case 4

Case 3

Case 2

Case 1