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Dental Case Studies

Not all patients require the same treatments and some require extensive and complex procedures to get the desired outcomes to transform our patients smiles and restore their confidence. Whether we are doing restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry or preventive dentistry you want to know that you are in exceptionally skilled and experienced hands. We think our work speaks for itself as you can see in just a few of our patient case studies featured here.

All photography and work in these photos were done by the dentists at McOmie Family Dentistry

Dental Case Study Porcelain Fused to Bruxzir Anterior Bridges

See our case study on this patient who required porcelain fused to Bruxzir anterior bridges.

Dental Case Study Implants and Bruxzir Hybrid Denture

See our case study on this patient who required dental implants and Bruxzir hybrid denture.

Dental Case Study Impacted Tooth Restoration Treatment

See our case study on this patient who required an impacted tooth restoration to fix his broken tooth.

Dental Case Study Veneers

See our case study on this patient who wanted porcelain dental veneers to make her smile beautiful and bright white.

Dental Case Study Metal Free Bridge

See our case study on this patient who wanted to make her smile beautiful again after losing two front teeth on the lower arch in an accident.

Dental Case Study Dental Implant

See our case study on this patient who needed a dental implant crown to restore her ability to chew and health of the surrounding teeth.

Dental Case Study Bilateral Cleft Palate/Lip, Full Maxillary Arch Reconstruction

See our case study on this patient who was born with a bilateral cleft lip cleft palate.

Dental Case Study Upper Teeth Restoration Smile Makeover

See our case study on this patient who was born with born with a cleft palate and missing top left lateral incisor

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