Dental Case Study: Upper Crowns and Bridge Restoration

Patient History

In this dental case study we see a person who was born with a cleft palate. Often times people with cleft palates are born without some of their front teeth. This person is no exception he is missing his top left lateral incisor. He had been through braces with a great orthodontist here in Chattanooga. The before pictures shown below are after the braces came off.

Dental Treatment Performed

The orthodontic treatment performed did many great things for this patient there are limits to what braces alone can do. In this case we had some tooth size discrepancy and the patient is only hitting on his right side with two pre-molars. All the other teeth did not touch the opposing tooth. As a result chewing food was very difficult. With the teeth not touching and a stable plane of occlussion (bite) needed the patient and his parents choose to do crowns on all the upper teeth. This was a good decision because then the patient didn’t need restorations on the lower but would have the benefit of a good stable bite.

To start this case we did a scan with our Trios scanner of the patient’s teeth. This captures not only the teeth but also the way their teeth come together. Then what we call a diagnostic wax up is done. This is a process where we make the teeth in wax look like we think the final teeth should look like. It is pictured below. The temporaries were duplicates of the diagnostic wax up. This was the patient is able to “test drive” if you will the final restorations before they are permanent. If changes are needed we can make them in the temporary stage. On this case we figured out the front teeth needed to be a little longer then the temporaries were, this change was made in the final crowns.

after dental crown restorations

Final Results

The teeth were prepared for the crowns and bridge in one day and temporaries were placed. He was able to wear the temporaries for 2 weeks in the “test drive”. The permanent restorations came in and were cemented in one visit. The patient and his family loved the outcome.

Before Smile

After the crowns and bridge the patient is very happy with his newly restored smile.

Before Smile Up Close

Before Teeth and Gums Up Close

After Crown Restorations

Biting surfaces of the new crowns, they don’t look like crowns they look like natural teeth

This picture shows the characteristics of the new restorations. The color of the edge of the tooth is not the same as the color at the gum line. This makes these teeth look life like and real

Pre-Op printed model made from our intra oral scanner and a 3-D printer

Diagnostic Wax up so we can make temporaries for our patient to “test drive” his final restorations

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