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Full Mouth Reconstruction Patient Before and Afters

Complete smile makeovers with full mouth reconstruction before and after images are of a patient or patients who have undergone the same treatment with phenomenal results. The photos were taken before the procedure and after the procedure once the full mouth reconstruction treatment has been completed.

Real Patients Cases

Please look through these fabulous full mouth reconstruction patient cases to see how Dr. McOmie can help you reconstruct your smile.

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Case 31

This patient came to us seeking improvements to her smile. Her previous crowns lacked a shine, giving them a rough and dull appearance, and there were gaps and misalignment in the teeth. To address these concerns, Dr. Mark McOmie replaced the upper crowns and added veneers to the lower teeth. The new biocompatible restorations were designed to correct the color and alignment while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the smile. The outcome was a restored, vibrant smile that improved both the function and appearance of the patient’s teeth.

Case 30

Before treatment, this patient had a significantly worn lower denture and decay evident around the edges of the crowns on the upper teeth. The upper crowns needed replacement due to decay, and the lower denture showed extensive wear and missing teeth. After being treated by Dr. Mark McOmie, the patient received new, metal-free, biocompatible crowns for the upper teeth and a completely new denture for the lower jaw. The result was a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth, crafted to provide many decades of daily service.

Case 29

This patient visited McOmie Family Dentistry seeking improvements in the function and appearance of her teeth. Our team completed a combination of crowns for the back teeth and veneers for the front teeth. This treatment corrected the color, alignment, and bite issues. The materials used were metal-free and biocompatible, ensuring both functional benefits and a natural aesthetic. The result was a seamless and beautiful set of teeth that enhanced both her smile and oral health.

Case 28

Before treatment, the patient presented with visible gaps and old fillings, along with two front lower implants that required restoration. The comprehensive treatment involved the strategic placement of dental crowns and veneers and the restoration of the existing implants. Special focus was given to an older implant, which, despite showing some threads, was still functional. The final outcome was a stunningly natural smile, where the master ceramists’ attention to detail on the teeth’s edges contributed significantly to the lifelike appearance. This case exemplifies a cosmetic triumph and a functional restoration, improving both the aesthetics and the bite of the patient’s teeth.

Case 27

She was injured in a fall, losing one of her front teeth in a fall at the bone and chipping other teeth. After our cosmetic dentist placed metal-free crowns and bridges, her smile was restored to its youthful appearance.

Case 26

Dr. Mark McOmie placed an immediate lower and upper denture to replace the old teeth, creating a dazzling, life-changing result.

Case 25

This exceptional and challenging case required careful preparation to achieve the desired results. The patient was thrilled with their new smile, feeling more confident than ever. After receiving their permanent teeth, they were amazed at their beautiful smile. They were so pleased with the outcome that they shared it online – expressing joy over having such dazzling teeth! This case is proof that even those facing difficult challenges can get the perfect smile they deserve.

Case 24

This case is a remarkable example of how hard work and dedication can help someone overcome their past difficulties. A roofer, who had been working with his father for several years, was struggling to make a good impression in business due to an issue with his teeth. The results of the zirconia crowns were life-changing and demonstrated that his past doesn’t have to reflect his future.

Case 23

A recent full mouth reconstruction case was done on a celebrity patient who drove up from Atlanta while directing a movie to have his work done at our office. Dr. Mark McOmie placed six implants and used traditional crown and bridge techniques to rebuild the patient’s smile. The images show significant improvement in his smile and bite. With three more implant crowns to be placed in the posterior teeth, the final result will be an even more spectacular smile.

Case 22

This patient had a past he wished to leave in the rearview mirror. He had missing, stained, broken, chipped and decaying teeth that needed to be fixed. With crown and bridge work done by Dr. McOmie and a lower partial denture, he gets a fresh start. He loves his new smile and can’t believe the before pictures are of him.

Case 21

Before treatment, this patient was dealing with miscolored teeth, tooth loss, and an uneven gum line. Dr. McOmie restored her smile with new crowns, bridges, and lower partials. These metal-free restorations are more biocompatible, giving her a new brighter smile.

Case 20

After dealing with discolored damage and uneven teeth, this patient received a new smile. Dr. McOmie restored her smile utilizing biocompatible crowns and a partial giving her a life-changing new smile.

Case 20

This patient suffered from tooth decay, missing teeth, and failed restorative dental work. Dr. McOmie and our team were able to give him a completely new smile utilizing a combination of crowns, veneers, and dental implants to provide a smile he can show off to the world.

Case 19

After battling with bulimia that caused this patient’s teeth to decay, Dr. McOmie was able to perform a full-mouth restoration to strengthen the integrity of her smile. Now she has a new bright smile, thanks to Dr. McOmie and our team.

Case 18

This patient was born with a cleft palate. He underwent restoration when he was a small child to give him functional teeth. Those old short crowns, although useful when he was younger, were not functioning for him anymore. Dr. McOmie performed a full-mouth restoration utilizing biocompatible materials with no metal crowns and porcelain veneers, giving this young man a new bright smile.

Case 17

After suffering from worn and decaying teeth this patient found us here at McOmie Family Dentistry. Dr. McOmie and our team were able to give him a completely new smile utilizing metal fee zirconia crowns restoring the ability for him to live a normal life.

Case 16

A smile makeover for a wonderful person! Some crowns and a couple flexi partials make it amazing. She now has the confidence in her smile to spread happiness and warmth everywhere she goes.

Case 15

A recent full mouth reconstruction. His bite is now strong and firm and he looks great. Sometimes teeth just wear out. We can restore them to proper look and function.

Case 14

Crowns that are worn out that needed an esthetic and functional upgrade. Dr. Mark McOmie was able to not only make this look great but do it in a way that allows the patient to have improved bite function.

Case 13

Usually, we don’t post cases that aren’t complete. But This lady is shining. She wanted her smile to sparkle again. Dr. Mark McOmie did some veneers and a crown to bring back a youthful appearance. Pictures were posted with the patient’s permission. All dentistry and photography are done by Dr. Mark McOmie at McOmie Family Dentistry in Chattanooga, TN.

Case 12

Her smile was dim and she wanted her lower teeth to look like they did when she was younger. 6 veneers were done to make her shine. Veneers aren’t just for upper teeth, lower teeth are beautiful too.

Case 11

This young lady had a very complicated dental history. She had braces to begin with then Dr. Mark McOmie was able to do crowns and a bridge to make her smile shine! There is no telling the success that is ahead for her.

Case 10

A set of worn-out teeth in need of a new bite. Dr. Mark McOmie was able to get this mouth back to full function.

Case 9

We started with this gentleman when he was very young. He did orthodontics, them implants, crowns, bridges, veneers. Dr. McOmie feels it a privilege to get to work with someone to make such a life-changing impact. After this many years, patients become friends and feel more like family.

Case 8

Case 7

Case 6

Case 5

Case 4

Case 3