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How to make the most of your next dental visit

FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON, you only see Dr. McOmie twice a year. While you may think going to the dentist simply requires you to show up and open wide, it’s important to take advantage of each and every dental visit!

We want to answer your questions and address your concerns. Here are some easy tips that will help you maximize your time with the dentist and make the most out of your biannual visits.

Make a Checklist of Questions and Concerns

It’s easy to forget about all the questions you’ve had about your oral health over the past couple of months when you’re sitting in the dental chair. Writing a checklist or note beforehand of things you’d like to ask us or talk to us about can help you remember! For example, have you experienced bleeding while brushing or any new pain or sensitivity? Are there any wounds in your mouth that haven’t healed normally? Let us know–we’re here to help!

You May Even Have a Fun Question Like This!

Keep Us Updated

You’ve probably heard of something called the mouth-body connection. It simply means that your oral health and overall health are strongly connected. This is why it is important that Dr. McOmie knows your complete medical history.

Alert your Dr McOmie or any of the staff if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with diabetes or other illnesses since your last visit. Inform them of any new medications you are taking. Certain illnesses and medications can increase your risk of dental problems and disease. The more Dr. McOmie knows about your health, the more personalized your care will be.

Connect With Us On Social Media

We use social media to connect with our patients and facilitate one-on-one relationships with them! Since we only see some of you every six months, our social media tools–like our blog and Facebook page–help us stay in touch.

We try to provide you with relevant and easily accessible information on our social media platforms so you can be informed about both your dental health and our services. Like us on Facebook to learn more and feel free to comment or leave us a private message. Our new website https://mcomiedentistry.com has contact forms on it and it will send an email directly to the front desk.

Phone calls to our Chattanooga office are always welcome

Just because there are new ways to communicate like email, Facebook, etc it doesn’t mean we can’t talk to you. Call the office anytime to have your questions answered or to make an appointment. The phone number is 423-899-1112. When you call a knowledgeable member of the staff will answer, we don’t use a call menu.

Thank You!

We can’t say it enough… Thank you, valued patients and friends! We love seeing you healthy and happy!

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