Meet Savannah Our Head Dental Assistant!

Mark McOmieGood to meet you dental staff

Dental assistant Savannah Potter

When you come to McOmie Family Dentistry before you see Dr. Mark or Dr. Ellen McOmie most likely you will see our head dental assistant Savannah first!

We call her Savanner as an inside joke sometimes, but when it comes to knowing her way around our Chattanooga dental office Savannah is no joke. Savannah is a core employee; she is a person that we count on everyday and she always comes through in a pinch. Our patients love her, she is kind and caring. She is the one that will make you comfortable in the chair, but also has the skill to make you a temporary crown in just a few minutes.

Only the best can work at our dental practice

Here at McOmie Family Dentistry our assistants are the most diverse people in the building. They have to know everything, and I mean everything. Our doctors do a huge range of procedures from fillings, crowns, placing and restoring implants, to pediatric dentistry; there is a bunch to know. Savannah is the person who will make sure the dentist has everything they need and everything the patient needs.  It is a huge job. We would like you to get to know Savannah.



A few facts about Savannah!

Savannah is a true country girl. She was born and raised in Delano, Tennessee.  For those of you that don’t know where Delano is, it is about 40 miles from Turtletown and 30 miles from Ducktown. If you don’t know where that is, then Polk County will get you close enough. She went to Polk County High School and was a cheerleader and honor student. It is a little known fact she was voted “Best Looking” by her graduating class.

Savannah starting working for McOmie Family Dentistry in 2008. She started at the bottom and has worked her way to the top. She was originally hired as an intern while she was in school, she was an assistant to the assistants. Then upon graduating from Chattanooga State in dental assisting she was hired full time and worked at the front desk for 4 years.  Being a trained dental assistant she was always helping out with the doctors and other assistants. She moved off the front desk and to full time dental assistant when one of our assistants moved. She has been there ever since.  Savannah keeps things running smooth, she is the go to computer person around McOmie Family Dentistry. When the computers have a glitch, she is the one her co-workers call on to help them out. This has lead to another nickname “I.T.”; she is the IT go to.

head dental assistant Chattanooga, TN
Savannah’s daughter visiting the office.

Fun trivia about Savannah

  • She is married. Her husband’s name is Jake.
  • She currently has one dog named Piper, her other dog, a weiner dog named Kiwi, was stolen by her father-in-law. He loved taking her dog hunting, and next thing you know the two were inseparable.
  • Has a ton of fun with her little girl.
  • Currently they have 2 horses.
  • Loves to speed when she drives.
  • As a child beauty pageant contestant she won several titles including; Little Miss Fairest of the Fair, Christmas Belle 2000, and Miss Polk County as a teenager. You should see her parade wave she developed riding all those floats in parades, it’s a thing of beauty.
  • She is one of only a handful of people in the world to routinely vacation to Arkansas in the summer.

dentist assistant family

Savannah wakesurfing on Lake Chickamauga

What do you like about being a dental assistant?

I love that it is never the same day twice. Here at McOmie Family Dentistry we do so many different procedures. This keeps things fresh, and we are constantly doing something different. It is always changing and that suits me. If I had to do the same thing all day it would get boring, I love doing so many different things and seeing the positive outcomes.

You mention you guys do many procedures of all the different things you do what is your favorite?

That is a hard question because I have so many favorites. Sometimes my favorite can be what we did on a patient that made a life changing difference. If I had to pick I would say there is a tie between two things. I love surgically placing implants. Most people think it is going to be the biggest deal, and really it is not a big deal.  It only takes a few minutes, most of the time and the patients are  surprised by how smoothly it goes. It is fun to see the surprise on their face we we are done. After the implant is restored, it is like magic, in one day they go from a space to a new tooth. The other thing I love is when a person comes in with a broken down tooth that they think is going to have to be pulled. After we x-ray it and Dr. Mark McOmie or Dr. Ellen McOmie says we can fix it. Then we bring the tooth back to life. To see something come back and look normal and natural from a husk of a tooth is a very rewarding experience. I love helping people!

What do you love about McOmie Family Dentistry?

I love the relationships we have with our patients. Patients here are not just numbers on a chart or just people on a schedule, they are our friends. We get to know everyone and build a relationship with them. It is really fun seeing them every six months or so and keeping up with them. I love seeing the people we have helped obtain a wonderful smile come in years later still smiling. It just makes you feel good to know you are doing great things and making a difference. Helping people have the confidence to succeed in their lives, is very rewarding.

Savannah is a wonderful person and a top notch dental assistant. She has a vast and comprehensive knowledge of dentistry and it’s materials. She is the top of her field and does a great job, taking pride in her work! Savannah leads the way in quality patient care, if you have never met her you have been missing out. Next time you are here at McOmie Family Dentistry make sure you say hello to Savannah!