Maintaining Your Smile After Braces

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align teeth clear aligners

While traditional wire braces are still the most efficient at straightening teeth, fixing crowding, and correcting an underbite or overbite, invisible aligners have become an attractive alternative in recent years. Being able to get all the benefits … Read More

Teeth From The Animal Kingdom

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MOST OF US already know that sharks constantly grow new teeth, venomous snakes use their fangs like syringes full of poison, and elephants have enormous tusks. As lovers of teeth of all shapes and sizes, today … Read More

Impact Of Medication On Oral Health?

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medication impact on oral health

Have You Considered the Impact Of Medication On Oral Health? MANY OF US need to take medications to treat a wide variety of conditions. However, even as those medications treat our illnesses, they could be causing … Read More

The Bacteria Battle Inside Our Mouths

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tooth enamel battle bacteria

EVERY DAY INSIDE YOUR MOUTH, there is an epic battle of good versus evil being waged over the ultimate prize: your teeth! And guess what… only YOU can protect them from the destructive forces that … Read More