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Meet Our New Dental Hygienist Christie Ledford Remmels

Here We Grow Again

As our dental office here in Chattanooga continues to grow we are happy to be fortunate to add another hygienist to our team. Meet Christie Ledford Remmels. We have grown to the point that we were having trouble finding open appointments for people who wanted to get their teeth cleaned. We knew we couldn’t serve our wonderful patients as well if we couldn’t offer an appointment to get their teeth clean any sooner then two months out. So we went on a search for a quality qualified professional. We put out the word and Christie applied for the position. She comes to us with 22 years of experience and has an interesting dental background.

Dentistry Runs In Her Family

Christie was known for years as Christie Ledford.  Her father is Archie Ledford DDS, he practiced just down the street at a dental office on Shallowford Rd. Archie Ledford DDS started his dental practice in Chattanooga in 1974. His first office was on East Brainerd Rd. There is a hair salon there now and coincidentally Christie go there to have her hair done. After a while he moved his office to two different locations on Shallowford Road. 5 years ago he sold his dental practice and now his practice has sold again this time to a corporation from out of town. Dr.  Ledford was a well known dentist in Chattanooga and Christie grew up in and around the dental office her entire life. Unfortunately Dr. Ledford passed away a few years ago.

Christie Ledford Remmels and her Dad Archie Ledford DDS.
Christie’s family.
A large family when they all get together.

Background on Christie

Christie graduated with honors from Chattanooga State’s Dental Hygiene program in 1997. She got out of school and of course went directly to work for her father. She loved working with her dad all those years. She says that she had never been to a real job interview until she came to talk with us. She said it was hard to go to a job interview for the first time in her life. Christie attended Chattanooga Christian School on Broad Street in Chattanooga. After graduation from high school it didn’t take her long to decide a career in dentistry was right for her.

Fun Facts about Christie

  • 1st job was as a cashier at Red Food store. Red Food no longer exists it changed to Bi-Lo then most have changed since then.
  • Favorite vacation is Cap San Blas, Florida.
  • Can surf waves of over 6 feet.
  • Favorite subject in school was either Geometry or Chemistry. NERD alert!!!
  • She played basketball and soccer when she was in school.
  • She has owned 2 horses.
  • Cliff jumping is something she has never done and never will.
  • She has ridden a horse off a boat dock into a lake.
  • She was a tom boy growing up golfing, fishing and huting with her father.
Salt Water Fishing.
Christie with her husband and step daughter.

What Do You Love About Being A Dental Hygienist?

“I love the relationships with the people. I love seeing multiple generations of the same families. I enjoy seeing things like graduations, births, all the happy times in life I get to share with my patients. It is really fun having them come see me every six months, it is like getting to catch up with old friends. “

What Do You Do After Work At The Dental Office?

“Hanging out with my husband Scott is my favorite thing to do.  We take the dogs and go to the dog park. Jeep rides are something we love to do when the weather is accommodating. I like working out and frequent the gym I like staying in shape.”

What Do You Like About Working At McOmie Family Dentistry?

“This office has a very nice and stress free environment. The patient care quality is excellent, we really take care of the patients in an amazing way here. This office does only what in necessary and does the highest quality work, seeing beautiful dentistry makes me happy to be part of this team. Speaking of team the people that work here function as a team not as separate components doing an individual job. Everyone helps everyone without being asked or told to. I just really enjoy the people I work with.”

Anything Else You Would Like To Share?

“Dentistry has been great to me, I love being able to help people have optimal oral health. I have been in this profession a long time now and have seen the technology improve and make it easier on our patients. I feel fortunate to be able to practice at this time with so many innovative things happening making our patient visits even better. I am happy to of found something I love to do and can make a living doing it. I really love all the people who are loyal patients of mine it means so much to me that they choose to come see me every six months. It has never gone un-noticed or unappreciated. I love you all.”

Happy To Have Christie As Part Of Our Team

McOmie Family Dentistry continues to grow and as we grow we know that we need to keep the high standard of care and patient trust that helped us get this far, it is what makes our practice special. Finding quality people like Christie Ledford Remmels to come here to work helps us keep things going in the right direction. She is a great addition to our team and we are so happy to have her here.

Call or text 423-899-1112 to book your next appointment with Christie. She is amazing, if you don’t already you will soon love her.

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