Trick Or Treat! Our Dental Team Is Ready For Halloween!

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MAKING A HALLOWEEN COSTUME is one of the best opportunities to exercise your imagination and let your creativity shine! Whether you dress up as a movie monster, comic book character, or just something funny, we love seeing costume ideas come to life.

This year, we want to share with you some of our favorite costumes!


This is Claire being a flamingo a couple years ago for Halloween. Claire is Dr. Mark and Dr. Ellen McOmie’s daughter.


To be honest we all love pets here at McOmie Family Dentistry. This is Scarlet’s cat she is one our dental hygienists. The cat doesn’t look so happy to have on a costume.


Jack-O-Lanterns can be so scary!! These are the pumpkins carved by Dr. Mark and Dr. Ellen McOmie.

imag0046-w800-h600  A Crayon, a Wheeties box, and a not so scary witch!

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This is Dr. Ellen McOmie with Claire the doctors daughter! Halloween is so fun!


Here in Chattanooga we are fortunate that pumpkins are grown here and we have great fall weather to carve them.

Our Favorite Halloween Getups

We asked some of our team members about their best outfits from the past:


Last year at Halloween at McOmie Family Dentistry! Aren’t they awesome looking?


Scarlet one our dental hygienists always dresses as a fury friend for Halloween. She is an animal lover.


Dental assistant/front desk Allie wither her super heroes!


This isn’t funny!!!! One year the staff all dressed up like Dr. Mark for Halloween!


implant-dentistBatman and Robin formed a dynamic duo of dental hygiene one year!

kids-dentist A couple of skeletons


Ant Man! Morgans son’s costume last year.



Kristin and her husband went as a pair of …….. well you can see from the picture what they were.


We always have fun at the office on Halloween!!!!

Do You Need A Last-Minute Costume Idea? Try This One Out!

What Are Your Halloween Plans?

Are you more into the spooky or the silly side of Halloween? Are you into a Trunk or Treat at you church or neighborhood? No matter what your traditions are, have fun with friends and family and stay safe! Trick-or-treaters: go in a group, watch for cars and carry a flashlight.  One more thing Dr. Ellen is afraid of scary clowns, so please no clowns this year!!!


dentist pumkin

This pumpkin was carved by Morgan for Scenic City Orthodontics pumpkin carving contest last year!


WE have some amazing patients that make their own costumes. This is Devin Martin and his daughter Quinn Martin They make their own costumes for Dragon Con. Have a look.

Dentist Ringold Devin in his Halo Warrior costume. He made every single piece of this. Amazing! His day job is emergency room PA.

dental implantologyThis is Quinn Martin she made this costume! Quinn is on the right. How did she turn blue?

14222266_10209123003984860_3390009034599483648_n This is Quinn again. She made everything you see here. Even the gun! What a talented father daughter duo! Amazing.

Thanks for being our valued patients and friends. Have a happy Halloween! Give us a call and come see our team on Halloween no telling what we will be wearing.

Post your Halloween costumes on our facebook page let us see what you dress up as!  Post them HERE